A team of experienced and visionary architects and designers manage the design of a project in complete coordination with the project’s manager, from the early concept stage to the final building drawings, only using the best tools and resources available to create a dream home or building.

The team uses its high level expertise in the market to propose the most luxurious finishes and products and achieve a modern contemporary design, presenting it to the owner with 3D visualisation.

Innovate Living’s in-house team of experienced MEP and structural engineers work directly with all consultants to achieve a well-coordinated complete set of shop drawings pack for construction, controlling the specifications, cost, and grade of the product.

Fresh air. Fresh food. Fresh experiences. We’re nestled along the soft sands of La Mer Beach, Dubai, where our team unites simple and ingredient-led dishes carefully chosen for their freshness and Mediterranean goodness. Our love of simplicity, translates to a soft shaded space with clean lines and a real connection with the sea.

The seaside Levee cafe and restaurant is inspired by the vision of a modern New York City style loft… on the beach. The material palette is quite warm with natural wooden floor planks repeated above with ceiling light oak strips that extend from end to end. This is then given an urban touch with concrete, burnished bronze metal and modern lighting fixtures and chandeliers.
Il Passaggio (the passage), situated in The Pointe on the Palm Jumeirah, lives up to its name and calling in every way possible. First, as a journey through the Mediterranean Sea, pulling inspiration from every country (along with its unique culture and cuisine) that touches the Mediterranean. It’s also a passage into Mediterranean cafe life with its rustic charm and early start of 7am coffee, fresh breads and pastries.

Finally, it’s a passage into a wholly unique dining experience, as everything will be cooked and prepared fresh, daily, and its one of the only places in Dubai where you can walk through the kitchen before entering the dining area. As a concept, space, and intersection of Mediterranean culture, its truly a unique journey.
Tucked away in Egypt’s Hacienda White, embodies the sophisticated serenity of a contemporary beach home. Marble and exotic woods meet minimalist finishings all throughout the 7,000 square foot home, manifesting in luxurious details such as floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, double height firework and interior garden.

The open floor plan invites natural light into each room and elegantly extends out to a garden pool space that exudes just as much peaceful, modern spirit as the house itself.

Its centrepiece is a modern living room with a metallic black fireplace that is open to the exterior landscape and the pool. Lighting plays a major factor throughout the venue, creating a feeling of warmth and serenity through features like the skylight and double space at the centre of the restaurant.
The Al Habtoor office design was conceived as an ‘extension’ of our Palme Couture development. It’s a refreshing take that blends Palme Couture’s beachside feel with Innovate Living’s more contemporary urban approach to design.

The office showcases high-end luxury and our signature minimalism against a backdrop of spectacular views of the Palm Jumeirah.

The Innovate Living office is a top floor luxury space conceived like a penthouse with natural light flowing inside each material pattern. The modern minimalism throughout the office is made even brighter with light oak wooden cladding and white marble. The space is made whole by desks and furniture pieces that were custom designed with dark wooden surfaces to accent the interior contrasts.