Innovate Development is one of the most groundbreaking elements of Innovate Living with numerous luxury projects designed and built in the region. A visionary approach to investment and development has established Innovate Development as one of the most successful, forward thinking property developers in the market.

Our philosophy permeates every decision and action during the development of the property, and we work rigorously with established international suppliers and locally sourced talent, to craft developments that are both unique and exact manifestations of each project’s vision.

Palme Couture, an exclusive collection of fourteen residential suites, located on Palm Jumeirah, brings a previously unseen beachside living concept to Dubai. The bespoke development is founded on the codes of ‘living by design’, seamless contemporary minimalism and clarity of detail. Each element has been hand selected to create a customised canvas of experience. The living environments feature enviable arrangements of light and space, high-end Italian production and a unique mix of exquisite marbles.

This luxury development on the Palm Jumeirah is the quintessential contemporary home. Its architecture is geometrically linear, sharp and symmetrically angular, while travertine surfacing wrap the entire building and extends to the landscape. Interior surfaces are mostly white, with marble juxtaposed with warm wooden cladding and the grey tone of natural marble that flows from the inside out. Both the interiors and exteriors embody an architectural flow typical of the modern mid-century southern California era, reinvented for today.