The New Paola Lenti Collection: Exploring Innovative Design and Outdoor Elegance

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Paola Lenti has released its 2023 collection and it once again is the pinnacle of class, sophistication, and design excellence with bespoke pieces creates to give new life to any space 

Paola Lenti, the renowned Italian design brand synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design, has once again captivated design enthusiasts with their latest collection. With a focus on innovative materials, unique textures, and outdoor elegance, the new Paola Lenti collection presents a refreshing approach to outdoor living spaces. Innovate Living is proud to partner with Paola Lenti as this new collection showcases their transformative power, meticulous craftsmanship, and functional elegance, setting new standards in the world of outdoor design.

Paola Lenti Milan Showroom: A Destination for Design Enthusiasts

Paola Lenti has recently achieved a significant milestone by launching its first permanent showroom in Milan. Situated in the vibrant Maciachini district, the showroom is housed in a beautifully restored 4,000-square-meter former industrial complex. This extraordinary space goes beyond being a mere showroom; it also features a restaurant, a boutique hotel with a dedicated relaxation area, and an art gallery. Indoor gardens establish a vital connection with nature, reflecting the brand’s commitment to incorporating natural elements into their designs.

Innovative Materials and Meticulous Craftsmanship:

Paola Lenti’s new collection showcases their commitment to pushing the boundaries of design by utilising innovative materials. For instance, the Agio modular seating system, designed by Francesco Rota, offers large elements with adjustable backrests, allowing for versatile configurations. The series features sustainable materials, including recyclable expanded polyethene blended with Aerelle® blue polyester fiber, enhancing both comfort and eco-friendliness. Additionally, the Zebrù poufs combine a polypropylene microsphere structure with handmade upholstery crafted from leftover yarns and fabrics, embracing a “no waste” philosophy.

Functional Elegance for Outdoor Living Spaces:

The new outdoor products from Paola Lenti exemplify functional elegance, bringing sophistication to outdoor environments. The Elio coffee table, designed by CRS, combines polished stainless steel rods with a circular plywood top, offering slim surfaces without compromising durability. The Kiori collection, also designed by Francesco Rota, features solid ash wood structures with handwoven fixed coverings in Conwood, providing both elasticity and durability. These outdoor pieces demonstrate how Paola Lenti seamlessly integrates style and functionality, elevating outdoor living spaces to new heights of design brilliance

Paola Lenti’s Reintroduced Classics:

In addition to the new collections, Paola Lenti has reintroduced some timeless classics. The Strap coffee tables by Victor Carrasco feature an aluminium base and a copper top with nature-inspired designs, combining functionality with artistic flair. The Wave chaise longue, originally designed by Francesco Rota in 2003, returns with new Japanese-inspired weavings, celebrating the brand’s two decades of excellence in the outdoor realm. The Linea and Shibusa indoor seating designed by Francesco Rota showcase new multicolored patterns, adding vibrancy and character to indoor spaces.

Paola Lenti’s new collection represents a huge leap forward in both indoor and outdoor design, offering innovative materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and functional elegance. With their first permanent showroom in Milan, the brand creates a vibrant destination for design enthusiasts. Whether it’s the modular seating, poufs, coffee tables, or the reintroduced classics, Paola Lenti continues to redefine living spaces with their unwavering commitment to exceptional design. Embrace the transformative power of Paola Lenti and elevate your outdoor spaces with their latest collection’s unique textures and contemporary elegance.

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